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Programming Flowables

The following flowables let you conditionally evaluate and execute expressions and statements at wrap time:

DocAssign(self, var, expr, life='forever')

Assigns a variable of name var to the expression expr. E.g.:


DocExec(self, stmt, lifetime='forever')

Executes the statement stmt. E.g.:


DocPara(self, expr, format=None, style=None, klass=None, escape=True)

Creates a paragraph with the value of expr as text. If format is specified it should use %(expr)s for string interpolation of the expression expr (if any). It may also use %(name)s interpolations for other variables in the namespace. E.g.:

DocPara('i',format='The value of i is %(__expr__)d',style=normal)

DocAssert(self, cond, format=None)

Raises an AssertionError containing the format string if cond evaluates as False.

DocAssert(val, 'val is False')

DocIf(self, cond, thenBlock, elseBlock=[])

If cond evaluates as True, this flowable is replaced by the thenBlock elsethe elseBlock.

DocIf('i>3',Paragraph('The value of i is larger than 3',normal), Paragraph('The value of i is not larger than 3',normal))

DocWhile(self, cond, whileBlock)

Runs the whileBlock while cond evaluates to True. E.g.:

DocWhile('i',[DocPara('i',format='The value of i is %(__expr__)d',style=normal),DocExec('i-=1')])

This example produces a set of paragraphs of the form:

The value of i is 5
The value of i is 4
The value of i is 3
The value of i is 2
The value of i is 1