Diagra charts

Complex, data-aware graphics and charts with Diagra™

Diagra™ renders graphs, piecharts, scatter plots and more, associates them with data sources, and controls every visual element. Ideal for financial applications, it is widely used by fund managers to automate factsheet production.

See our chart gallery for examples of data aware chart modules created by Diagra™.

Create batches of charts, diagrams, or barcodes seemlessly and instantly from dynamic data.

It outputs color-separating EPS graphics for professional printing, bitmaps for the web, and standalone PDFs for portable delivery, as well as being the "graphics engine" for ReportLab's direct-to-PDF reporting tools. Best of all, it lets you deliver the same charts in all of these media.

Diagra has been designed to meet the exacting standards of professional designers working with financial and other complex data. Every attribute of every item in a drawing can be controlled.

Diagra runs on almost all operating systems and can be integrated in many ways: as a web application responding to HTTP requests; from the command line; via COM, CORBA, Java or C APIs; or it can be customized to meet your requirements.

There are three core uses for Diagra:

  • EPS output for professional publishing, with precise control over inks and fonts.

  • Web Graphics on demand, generated in batches or in response to user requests

  • PDF Data Graphics and Charts, integrated smoothly within the body of the document.

Diagra User Guide

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Diagra Tutorial Get PDF

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