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Whats New In Reportlab 3.3

released on 2 February 2017

Reportlab Plus Rml 3.2.0 --> 3.3.0 Changes

1) The <pageInfo>, <template> , <pageTemplate> and <canvasInfo> tags allow the specification of PDF parameters cropBox artBox trimBox bleedBox

which can be a pair of lengths (eg "(2, 1)" or "2,1") or none.

The <canvasInfo> tag is new and also allows specification of initial initialFontName, initialFontSize & initialLeading values to be used directly by the canvas.

2) <letterBoxes> tag now has boolean (default true) attributes


that (together with stroke) determine if the relevant box sides should be stroked.

3) <paraStyles> & <para> tags allow specification of justifyBreaks and justifyLastLine.

4) The <setTopFlowables> tag may be used to set flowables to appear at the top of every frame. If the tag's show attribute is true it will also appear when setTopFlowables is used. See test_025_set_top_flowables.rml at

5) The <sup>/<super> and <sub> tags now take optional rise and size attributes which control size and position of superscript & subscript text.

Note On Version Numbers

We follow Python's scheme with 3-point release numbers signifying major-minor-patch. Generally, new features will result in an announced minor release such as "3.1" or "3.2".