Main Packages

ReportLab Plus

Our flagship commercial tool for making beautiful PDFs quickly using Report Markup Language and a preprocessor. Create PDFs the same way you create dynamic web pages

ReportLab PDF Toolkit (open source)

The engine for ReportLab Plus, containing most but not all of the building blocks. Create a graph of Python objects and render them. For experienced developers willing to invest time.

Additional libraries and tools


Lightweight scaffolding for projects that accept json and output PDF; web server and test harness included


The chart server that keeps going all night!
Python chart classes that render as vectors in PDF, or as bitmaps; standard charts and a basis for custom data-driven widgets


Direct Python access to our PDF parsing and reuse code (in ReportLab PLUS)


The fast, validating XML parser we use to parse RML (GPL).

PDF Accessibility

Guidelines for creating PDFs that score well on accessibility


The fast, light templating system we bundle with ReportLab PLUS (BSD Licence)